Fresh from our farm in Scurry, Texas!


Farm fresh steaks and roasts, vacuum sealed for freshness at the farm. 

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Healthy Beef from our Peach Farm

Reduced Chemical Exposure: One of the primary advantages of consuming chemical-free beef from Peachy Peel Farm is the avoidance of potentially harmful substances. Conventional beef may contain residues of antibiotics, hormones, and synthetic chemicals used in feed and processing. Choosing farm-raised beef reduces your exposure to these chemicals. 

No Hormones or Steroids: Some commercially raised cattle are given growth-promoting hormones or steroids to increase their size and weight. These substances can potentially impact human health when consumed. Peachy Peel Farm-raised beef is free from such additives, reducing the risk of hormone-related health issues. 

Higher Nutrient Content: Our cattle are raised in more natural and healthy conditions, with access to pasture and a varied diet. This can lead to beef that is higher in essential nutrients like omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins (such as B vitamins), and minerals (such as iron and zinc) compared to beef from feedlot cattle. 

Improved Omega-3 to Omega-6 Ratio: Beef from grass-fed or pasture-raised cattle tends to have a better balance of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. A diet with a healthier ratio of these fatty acids can potentially reduce the risk of inflammation and chronic diseases. 

Lower Risk of Antibiotic Resistance: The overuse of antibiotics in conventional cattle farming can contribute to the development of antibiotic-resistant bacteria, which poses a significant public health threat. By choosing farm-raised beef from Peachy Peel Farm, you support more responsible antibiotic use in animal agriculture. 

Better Animal Welfare: Farm-raised cattle are often raised in more humane conditions, with access to open spaces and natural behaviors. Supporting such practices aligns with ethical concerns for animal welfare.